Shamilia is an applied theatre practitioner, facilitator, herbalist & vocalist using her mediums to co-create liberatory community spaces. Inspired by familial and communal ancestors, she seeks to continue the legacy of healing, artistry and liberatory practice championed by her foreparents.  

Shamilia believes in art-making to inspire learning, spark movement, preserve culture and build community. In her applied theatre practice, she focuses on immersive, participatory engagement with stories of transition, transgression, healing, love and liberation in marginalized communities. She supports educators and community workers with drama to develop engaging, holistic educational methods.

Shamilia has shared work at University of Rwanda College of Education, Brooklyn Museum, Allied Media Conference, #BlackLivesMatter National Leadership Retreat, and the Movement for Black Lives National Convening. She sings with BRAATA Folk Singers, a Jamaican folk music ensemble, and is a leadership team member with Harriet’s Apothecary, an intergenerational collective of Black, Indigenous, People of Color healers making free and sliding-scale seasonal community offerings.

Shamilia holds an MA in Applied Theatre from CUNY. She is an alum of Urban Bush Women’s Summer Leadership Institute (2014), received the National Association of Black Storytellers’ Cowtail Switch Award (2015) & is a 2016 Laundromat Project Create Change Fellow.

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